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Pro-Glazing is a long established company made up of single and double glazing professionals. Established over 10 years we have provided a first class service to domestic and commercial clients as well as Social Housing groups and major hotel groups spanning England and Wales. Our aim is to offer a fast response, efficient and professional service and to help minimise long term maintenance or replacement costs.  
Our repair and installation teams have gained priceless specialist knowledge and experience over 10 years to work effectively with all major profile materials, systems and hardware and in any given situation.

Regular maintenance is vital to keep windows and doors operating correctly and looking as they should. Even low-maintenance materials such as uPVC and aluminum require certain small jobs to keep them at their best.

Endless styles and designs of locks, handles and other hardware are out there which can prove very time consuming to ID and locate, however our knowledge in the field and long term relationships with all the major hardware suppliers allows us to either find the correct part or a suitable replacement.

Once the door or window system has been correctly identified our teams will use specialist equipment, techniques and often specialist access equipment to complete an effective repair and/or upgrade. In particular we use a window repair systems called the Sashmate that enables us to commonly eliminate aceess equipment costs whilst continuing to work safely. This can be hugely economically beneficial when repairs are required to high rise buildings.

All of our teams operate from part of a fully equipped fleet which allowing us to offer an effective scheduled maintenance service across England.

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